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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Announcing Baby Chip

After months of uncertainty, he's alive. He's ours. We get to keep him!

Always trying to take his cords and shades off

He's even healthy, aside from the half-starved from IUGR and anemia/bilirubin issues. APGAR score of 8 or 9 coming out, breathing on his own, (unlike Joe-Joe who got an APGAR score of 4), and eating on his own.

Baby Chip's currently getting a small blood transfusion because of anemia due to my Rh negative antibodies attacking his Rh positive red blood cells.

 His bilirubin, the byproduct of breaking down red blood cells, is a problem too because of my antibodies, hence jaundice lights and immunoglobulin injections.

The neonatologist said at this point they most likely won't have to do the more dangerous large transfusion where they swap out all his blood for new blood and get rid of my antibodies, but will be able to manage the anemia with lights, immunoglobulin, and possibly more small transfusions. The doctor will take this more conservative route because it is much safer, but it also means we will be hanging out at NICU on jaundice lights days after Baby Chip is big enough and otherwise healthy enough to come home.

Top Baby Chip quotes:

Joe-Joe, after peering at the baby: "He's much bigger than I thought he would be." (Guess we talked about Baby Chip's smallness a little too much. :)

Daddy and Joe-Joe to me the day before labor: "If it weren't for you, we would name him Woodchuckletree."

Me looking at Baby Chip: "Are you sure he's mine? He's so BLONDE."

Black-haired, brown eyed Joe-Joe
Blonde-haired, blue-eyed Baby Chip

The less than socially in tune doc immediately after delivery: "Next time, I suggest you find a Rh negative father." :P

NICU is exhausting and un-fun, and it's sad that I can't hold Baby Chip much because of the jaundice lights, but unlike when we were in NICU with Joe-Joe's meningitis, nothing scary is happening. All the top doctors and geneticists at the research hospital have yet to find anything wrong with Baby Chip and he doesn't even have clubfeet, just a little curvature that stretching will fix.

So, worst case scenario, I have to sit here a couple extra weeks and waste a perfectly lovely summer not sleeping in a dimly lit cell while Joe-Joe has Daddy bonding time. So we are persevering and praising God for answered prayer.

Note: Baby Chip is not his real name. Baby Chip does have a real name. If you want to know his real name and are not a stalker or child molester, feel free to privately contact me or Gabe and we'd love to tell you his name.


  1. Oh, Anne, this is such wonderful news and cause for praise! After all our weeks (months) of prayer for a healthy baby. And I prayed he'd defy the odds and be perfect, as I'm sure so many others did. So happy for you. These days will go quickly. God bless all of you and give you peace.

  2. He's such a little miracle baby and an answer to prayer. Praying that one day real soon he'll be home with all of you.

  3. I've been praying for this little guy. So happy to see him thriving!

  4. Congratulations. He's beautiful. So funny they are so different.

  5. prayers both answered and ongoing! So happy for all of you.

  6. I've been so excited to hear all of the positive news about Baby "Chip"! Praise God for so many answered prayers!

  7. Anne, praising GOD with you for your absolutely, adorable little man! GOD IS SO GOOD!!