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Monday, May 16, 2016

Baby Chip: When the Doctors Call YOU

Aren't they handsome? :)

Ding-a-ling-ling. "Hello, this is your doctor."
Me: Since when do my doctors call me? Usually I'm on hold for hours trying to reach them. "Um, hi."
Doctor: "Have you had a blood transfusion recently?"
Me: Yeah, that's totally what I do when I'm seven months into a high-risk pregnancy, go out and get random blood transfusions and don't tell my doctor. "Um, no. Why?"
Doctor: "Are you by any chance hemorrhaging in the bathtub right now?"
Me: Would you like me to go check? Hmm, yeah, I don't see blood all over the floor. I'm fairly convinced I'm not hemorrhaging. "No. . . why?"
Doctor: "What about excruciating abdomen pain?"
Me: "No. None of that either." You know what, how about  a new plan. Next time I'm hemorrhaging in a bathtub or in excruciating pain, don't call me. I'll call you. "Why?"
Doctor: "Your Rh antibody count came back insanely high."

What's an Rh antibody count, you ask? My bloodtype is negative and my husband's is positive. Years ago, this situation caused many stillbirths because a Rh negative mom will start creating antibodies and attacking the blood of a Rh positive baby. Now, though, we have an awesome shot called rhogam, which prevents all that. My understanding is that rhogam is basically fake antibodies that stop your body from making real antibodies that will hurt baby. With the rhogam shot, your antibody level shouldn't be any higher than a 4. Mine came back a 2,000, which apparently means Baby Chip should be almost dead. But Baby Chip is still very much alive and kicking.

Today Baby Chip weighed 2 lbs 11 oz (14 oz increase, and up from below 1% to almost 4%!). Also his bloodflow, which used to be absent, and then restricted is now only restricted in one artery and perfectly normal in the second.

Doctor: "So I think perhaps that the lab made a mistake on your lab results. We will retest."
Me: Does the lab you patronize make a habit of sticking test tubes in mud? "Why would you think the results are wrong? I am Rh negative."
Doctor: "Would you like to be in a research study? Your case is so rare we will write academic research papers on it."
Me: "Um...don't other babies have IUGR or perhaps their mom has Rh disease?"
Doctor: "Yes, but your baby's acting way too healthy on the sonogram for what we're seeing on the test results. Baby's bloodflow usually doesn't get better. Baby's don't keep moving and kicking when you have a 2,000 antibody level trying to attack baby. None of the doctors in my practice can figure out why your baby is acting as healthy as he is."
Well, hey, I've been praying to a God who I believe works miracles.

So now we have to go another specialist, retest my antibodies, make sure Baby Chip actually does have a positive bloodtype, then see about an in-utero blood transfusion.

Apparently, the doctors can stick a needle through the umbilical cord and give him a blood transfusion to fix anemia issues should my blood be attacking his. Then I have to be hospitalized for a day while they monitor Baby Chip since there is a risk of him going into distress.

Oh and I need to decide if Baby Chip would like to be in a research study. Do you think Baby Chip looks like he'd enjoy a research study? Trying to evaluate his pensive face.
My baby boy

Appreciate all the prayers and that you've continued to read about all our baby drama. I'll keep you updated as the saga continues.

DISCLAIMER in case any of my doctors run across my blog. ;): I love my doctors. And even if I do think sarcastic things in my head sometimes about their questions, it's not their fault. Baby Chip's case is very unique. As my husband said, 'we sure do have a knack for making really sick babies.' Ask me about Joe-Joe's meningitis story someday.


  1. Praising God for Chip's growth. Praying he comes into this world as a perfect, healthy baby. Won't the doctors be mystified with that? Then you can share about God's healing and all the prayers that have been said for this little boy. :) Continuing to pray.

  2. So awesome, Anne! This is just the reminder that I needed today. I start buying into scientism sometimes and losing faith. Thank you for reminding me that God does do miracles, and you're carrying one right now! Hugs!

    1. Thank you for following Baby Chip's story!

  3. He is so beautiful in his ultrasound! Praise God as He does what is humanly
    impossible. Praying Chip continues his healthy growth.