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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Baby Chip Goes to the Hospital

Baby Chip's bloodflow through his umbilical cord is good, practically normal, which according to the doctors is amazing since his bloodflow was absent at 24 weeks. If anyone wants the long-winded explanation of that, I can give it. Just comment below and I'll tell you what my IUGR specialist said. Baby Chip didn't grow hardly at all for the last two weeks though. Still 2lbs 11oz. His head still grew, but he lost belly fat.

He also looks anemic by sonogram (1.67 MoM, if that means anything to you.) The docs redid my antibodies against baby blood's score and it's still 2,000. It shouldn't be more than 4, which means my body is quite capable of killing Baby Chip's red blood cells and making him deathly anemic. His little spleen is also enlarged, which is a sign that it's working too hard because of anemia.

So tomorrow, Baby Chip and I go to the specialist hospital for the blood transfusion specialist doctors to make a final decision about whether he should get a blood transfusion. I feel like I've met every pregnancy specialist in Denver by now, though I know that's an exaggeration. :) The transfusion could cause an emergency c-section if baby goes into distress. There's also a small possibility of fetal death. If the docs don't do the transfusion, they'll have to yank Baby Chip out into the open air in less than 2 weeks since my doctors won't let babies go past 34 weeks with this kind of anemia going on and no transfusion.

All in all, life stays crazy. Special shout out to Joe-Joe who attended three doctor visits in the past eight days and been a trooper about them all (and he didn't even go to all our doctor appointments this week.) Appreciation for my husband who is entering the busiest two weeks of his work year starting this week and still trying to make doctor appointments. Thanks to my parents who have helped so much with doctor visits and Joe-Joe etc.

Apologies to all the people in my writing and counseling work life who are getting far from my undivided attention at present.

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  1. Anne, bless you! Prayers for baby Chip and you. We are going through medical stuff with hubs. I had felt so bad about not getting back to you about critique partnering after my father-in-law passed. Now we're going through more stuff. I'm trying to make writing a career and a priority that includes you if youd like. I'm here if you need anything! Just email me.

    1. Thanks for the prayers! And so sorry for the medical stuff you are going through with your husband. :(
      And yes let's do be critique partners again once life settles down. Do you write non-fiction as well or just fiction? I'm on a non-fiction kick right now.

  2. Anne, I'm putting you on our prayer chain. Hugs. Praying.

  3. Prayers that all goes well for you and Baby Chip, Anne.

  4. Prayers for you, Baby Chip and your family. God is the Great Healer, even with challenging odds.

  5. You and the Chipster are in my prayers and wrapped tight in the Blessed Mother's arms!