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Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Hidden Waterfall: Guest Blogpost by Laurie Driesen

Excited to welcome author Laurie Driesen to my blog today. Enjoy some lovely nature pictures and read about the lesson she learned from her journey into a desert canyon.

The Hidden Waterfall

A waterfall in the middle of a desert canyon?

After taking the tram all the way up to the top of the canyon, it was finally time to hike down.  We started down the main trail, which was more like a wide, winding street.  I had never been in a canyon before … until that day last month while on vacation in Arizona. 

I really didn’t even know anything about canyons.  The little bit I did know was this:  it’s hot, dry and brown.  And I figured it wouldn’t have plush green plants and cool rushing water. 

But it turned out to be beautiful as we hiked down the trail.  Cacti lined the mountains as well as trees and plants that I had never seen before.  Lots of people were walking down the mountain enjoying the magnificent scenery.  What an experience, I thought, the massive canyon is so impressive.
I could hear water bubbling nearby and as it got louder, I asked my friends, “Is that a waterfall I hear?”  

They explained that in order to see the waterfall, we would have to get off of the main road and climb through some rocky terrain.  We all looked at each other for a second and quickly agreed, yes, it’s worth it. 

So, instead of hiking with the rest of the people along the main, wide road, we found a narrow path that was a little rocky.  It was challenging as I tried to find the right places to set my foot each time I took a step or climbed a rock.  But suddenly I could see the foamy waterfall gushing into a pond of gorgeous, cool water.

I stood there, awestruck.  In the middle of this huge, hot canyon and the sense of dryness everywhere, here was a powerful, bubbling waterfall with an energy all its own.  I looked over my shoulder at the wide road and saw the hikers walking and talking, blissfully unaware of the beautiful treasure just a few feet away from them.

Isn’t life a little like our hike that day? 
So many people are on the wide road of pleasure, distractions and security.  But on the narrow path nearby lies a treasure just waiting to be discovered.   Willingness to take a risk and get off of the main path brought us to something so much better. 

Why did the hikers on the wide road miss the waterfall?  Maybe it was because….
           They were so busy hiking and talking that they didn’t hear the waterfall.

·         They heard the bubbling water, but had no desire to divert off of the easy, wide path to seek it out.

·         They knew the waterfall was nearby, but saw the craggy rocks and decided it wasn’t worth the risk to reach it.

·         They were enjoying the scenery of the main road and didn’t value the unique beauty of the waterfall.

I     I wonder if many people miss out on a life-giving relationship with God because of similar reasons.

        In John 4:14, Jesus said, "...but whoever drinks of the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life." On our hike through the Arizona canyon, it was worth it to seek out the treasure of that beautiful waterfall.

Laurie Driesen is a writer and entrepreneur.  She is the author of a book titled:  Beyond Regret Living Your Life Purpose in Spite of Past Choices.  The book discusses missed opportunities, the “why” behind our mistakes, how regret can help us, and preventing future regret.  Beyond Regret sheds light on God’s true will and purpose for us and how we can live out His purpose no matter where we are today.  Through her writing, Laurie seeks to share the truth of God's Word and help others grow spiritually.  Her blog and additional information about Laurie can be found on her website:

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  1. Excellent post! I love the insights and the message. Thank you, Laurie!