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Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Difference Between Naming A Firstborn and a Secondborn: And Baby Chip Update

Third doctor appointment this week for Baby Chip. The bloodflow isn't great, but it's WAY better than three days ago. Thank you for praying!

Somewhat blurry 4D ultrasound of Baby Chip

Docs are also once again checking for some super-scary, potentially lethal, and now very rare chromosomal abnormalities (the common chromosome disorders have already been ruled out, praise God.) So praying for good results on all those tests. And Baby Chip still needs a name. So, in honor of that, welcome to The Difference Between Naming a Firstborn and a Secondborn.

Naming a First Baby

Wife: Checks out fifty baby name books. Takes a week off work to pour industriously over every page. During a candlelight dinner she prepared, says to husband, "My dear what do you think we should name our child."
Husband: "Err, sylvester?"
Wife: Stares at husband, wondering if by any chance he could have not comprehended the question. "You are talking about our lovely baby not a pet gerbil, right?"
Husband: "Uh-huh."
Wife: "No, seriously, what do you want to name our precious babe?"
Husband: "What about Methusaleh?"
Wife: Cue tears and hormonal wails. "Why don't you care what name our child will have for the rest of his life?  You must come up with some names. You do want our child to have a name, right? Why aren't you reading the baby books? It's like you don't even care about our child!"
Ten weeks of nagging later, husband skims baby books.
Wife, happily: "So now what name do you think fits our lovely babe?"
Husband: "Umm....I should probably go fix the toilet. The siding needs repair too. Did you say the kitchen sink was running slow?"
Wife, wailing: "But our child is coming in LESS than five months. We need a name!"
Husband: "One of the names you said sounds fine. Just name it that."
Wife: "But what do YOU want to name our child."
Husband: Blank stare.
Wife melts into tears convinced father/child bonding will never occur.

Naming a Second Baby

Wife: A week before due date does quick google search. Scrolls down half a page. Selects first name that catches her eye: "Dear husband, I have decided to name our baby  ____ ___. Does that work for you?"
Husband, between wrestling the firstborn as aforesaid firstborn laughs hysterically. "Um, why not."
Wife: "Wonderful. We make such a good team."

Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental ;)

What's your baby naming story?


  1. Very cute. And probably truer than most want to admit.

  2. My baby naming story: my daughter's father is from Mexico so many of his family members didn't know English. I really didn't want to name my baby something they couldn't pronounce or that it would sound really different when they said her name. What could I name her that sounded the same in English and Spanish? I asked my Mother-in-law, "can you say..Jessica?" She replied, "Yeseeeca". I said, "good enough!" And I named her Jessica.