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Monday, April 18, 2016

Baby Chip & the Growth Scan: The Journey Continues

Joe-Joe, because he's cute and he knows it

     Another day, another doctor's visit in this crazy pregnancy journey. Baby Chip's not getting as much bloodflow as he should through his umbilical cord, but it is steadily bad not getting worse (as doctors feared two weeks ago). Growth scan showed he's up to 1lb 6oz, which is three weeks behind and below 1%, but does show he continues to grow i.e. he's not dying. He still has lots of fluid and is very active--all great signs of life.

Baby Chip's Doppler Results

      The doctors' plan right now is to do a doppler a week to check bloodflow, and a growth scan every two weeks to check his percentile. Once he reaches about 2lbs, if anything gets worse bloodflow wise they'll immediately do a c-section, which means months and months of NICU. Stillbirth is also a big risk right now. In another week, we'll get back amnio results to see if Baby Chip has some horrible or even lethal genetic disease (as the high-risk OB seems to want to think), or if it's just the bloodflow making him small.
      So we're waiting and praying for our little guy. I keep thinking of our journey with Joe-Joe and how we almost lost him to meningitis at birth and how many people prayed for him and how healthy he is now. I'm awed by how many people prayed for Joe-Joe and how many are now praying for Baby Chip.
      Some people tell me they are praying because they're convinced God is listening and that He often works miracles. Some people tell me they aren't so sure God intervenes in our lives, but they're giving praying a shot because they want Baby Chip to be healthy.
          Others have told me they don't really believe there is a God out there, let alone that He's listening to them, probably not. But they're praying because they care so much about me and Baby Chip that they can't not at least try to appeal to some Higher Being.
         I'm so grateful for each type of prayer. Sometimes I wonder what God thinks of hearing the name "Baby Chip" over and over again from so many people these past few weeks. Other times I wonder what the people praying for Baby Chip think when they're talking to God.

     Do you believe in a God who intervenes in your life and works miracles? Why or why not? How does that affect whether or not you pray?


  1. I absolutely believe in a God who intervenes. We just went through my D-I-L's high-risk quad pregnancy with the tiniest's survival and health being highly in question, including possible chromosomal abnormalities. The doctor's suggested "selective reduction". Well Timothy in 2 months has gone from 2lbs 2oz. to 5 lbs. He is doing well and waiting for his heart surgery, but is expected to be fine. . . and no chromosomal or other big issues. My prayers continue for you and little Chip.

  2. I have been the recipient of healing prayers, which helped convince my doctor that there must be a God who answers prayers. I had severe blood loss (internally) after a surgery that was causing the bottom of my lungs to start to collapse. With plasma, platelets, etc., I received 11 bags of blood. The doctor didn't know how he was going to stop the bleeding. I had people all over the world praying for me. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, the bleeding just stopped without any explanation. The doctor said he used to not believe in God, but he was seeing more cases like mine and it was changing his mind.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story. So glad you were alright! And what a fascinating thing for a doctor to say.

  3. OH, me, too. And who knows? Maybe God is using Chip to bring some of the friends who question prayer closer to Him. Only He knows who and why He uses for situations. Will continue to pray, knowing that whatever God does, He does for a great purpose. Love ya, Anne. Prayers for comfort too.