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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Proposal Month: J'nell Ciesielski's Story

      Seven years ago this month, two orbits collided, and out of the ensuing dust rose a new solar system merged from the two. Or more straight-forwardly, it's proposal month on my blog because my man popped the question seven years ago. Read our story here.
     My fellow author and critique partner, J'nell Ciesielski shares her engagement story in a guest blogpost below. Check out more of J'nell's work at: I love her World War novels!

J'nell's Engagement Story

Something was up. He was acting too weird and the minute he announced he needed to run to the store to pick up a few things, I knew something was going on. We’d met almost two years ago when we both got stationed at Ramstein Airforce Base in Germany for jobs as imagery analysts. The morning of July 5, 2008 dawned bright and sunny, an unusual day as we both had it off from work. After running to the store, he comes to get me armed with a picnic basket and nerves. It was then I sorta knew, but I didn’t want to ruin all his hard work so I kept silent and didn’t mention how bad he was shaking.

So we drive out to an open field and tramp through the tall grass, him with picnic basket and me with a blanket that is very difficult to balance while watching where I was walking because who knows what’s hidden in that wall of grass? I do. I know. Things like snakes.

We finally make it out with all limbs still attached to a clearing by a stream surrounded by trees. Settling on the blanket, he starts pulling things out of the basket: grapes, cheese, wine, a shiny deep red ring box. I don’t remember all the words he said, mostly how bad he was shaking and then as soon as he placed the beautiful ring on my figure how all of his nerves transferred to me. And how I couldn’t stop staring at my newly engaged finger!

We didn’t waste time setting a date. Three months later to be exact at Disney’s Wedding Pavilion in beautiful Florida, my home state. It was a dream wedding with all the special touches that only Disney can create. And of course the lingering memories that only family can conjure. Like my dad telling the wedding coordinator to get the show on the road, my grandpa telling the musician to play some country on that there fiddle, my new brother-in-law toasting us as ‘happiness and happiness’, and our limo getting hijacked because a guest didn’t want to trek out to his vehicle in the rain making the new bride and groom stand on the curb awaiting his return.

But what would a wedding be without a coup de grace moment or two? Bryan’s boutonniere snapped in two moments before he walked out, and my parents’ cat ate my veil an hour before the ceremony. We did our best to laugh about it, and eight years later it still brings a smile to our faces. 

Sorta. I’m still not happy with that cat, but I am happily married to a wonderful man who still doesn’t bat an eye at my craziness. Bless his heart.

Born in Florida, J'nell spent a happy childhood splashing on the sugar white beaches only known to the Sunshine Stare. While in middle school, her dad got a job transfer to Texas where she graduated from Texas A&M with a B.S. in Psychology. Not knowing what else to do with her life, and seeing as how writing wasn’t paying the bills yet, she joined the Air Force. Stationed in Germany, she was privileged to travel to France, Austria, the Netherlands, England, and her favorite, Scotland. She also met her awesome husband over there. Finding him was worth wearing camouflage and combat boots every day. After serving their four years, they now live in Virginia where she's a stay-at-home mom to a busy two-year-old and a very lazy beagle.

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