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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Love the Iran Deal? Hate the Iran Deal?: Can You Still Please Write Your Senator?

      Think the Iran deal's the best piece of diplomacy in the last century? Think the Iran's deal the worst example of American weakness and pandering in the last hundred years? Either way, can you please write to your senators as they vote very soon here and tell them that freeing the four innocent American citizens imprisoned in Iran is a must?

      Saeed Abedini is probably the most famous of the four imprisoned Americans. It's been three years of being repeatedly beaten in a brutal Iranian jail for him. He only went over to Iran to help with some local orphanages. Here's a video Saeed's wife made a few months ago, when Saeed missed yet another of his son's birthdays.

      If you're in Colorado, like me, here's the links to write to your senators.
Email Senator Bennet:
Email Senator Gardner:

      If you live in a different state, you can go here to find your senators. (Just choose your state from the drop-down menu.)

       Not an American? We'd still love your support for our imprisoned innocents. You can sign the petition for one of the Americans, Saeed Abedini, here:

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