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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Because Two People Fell in Love: Amanda Zuber Shares Her Proposal Story

It's proposal month on my blog. Read our story here. Today I'm thrilled to share this story about how newly-wed blogger Amanda Zuber fell in love. Note: single ladies, she's got some great ideas on how to fall in love at a prayer service. ;)

Falling in Love

           Our story starts out not much different than everyone else's. Boy meets girl. Girl falls in love with boy. Boy is completely clueless . . .
          We first met at college as we were both apart of the music department as drummers, but because of my stubborn nature I ignored him for the first four months after meeting him. After those four months, I had disappeared from school (I'm sure he didn't notice), but it wasn't until I returned that he noticed the change in me. I was forlorn, sad, and no longer teased him, or yelled at him for setting up the drums wrong, again. I just was. Little did he know that the one man in my world, my grandfather, had passed away from lung cancer and I was there to witness it all. When I returned to school, a piece of my heart was missing and I thought there would be a longing there for a long time. Boy was I wrong, the Lord knew exactly what my heart needed and He put it there for me almost instantly.
          Upon returning to school, I was asked to put up posters for the choir concert, and who else should happen by to offer his help? The "new guy" of course. Too tired and depressed to care, I said sure, and the spark became lit once more. It took all week of me thinking about him, how stupid I was for not noticing him, his beautiful kindness, and really starting to obsess over him before the Lord stepped in once more. The two of us, with a mutual friend attended church each week and this week was the first week we chose to take notice or speak to each other. Luckily for us there, was a church picnic after church and our mutual friend was in on the whole ordeal. Thanks to her, I now have beautiful photos of myself falling in love with him. 262941_10151011106941610_1876068622_n "Somehow" we ended up on the same foosball team and so our time together began.   262857_10151011107006610_1141434128_n             As to his nature, he was completely unaware that this crazy girl next to him was head over heels for him. (Fedora and all.)   After the picnic, we were invited to yet another church, and so the three of us went to this new church, where I was lucky enough to hold "that cute guy's" hand during prayer. The evening followed with a trip to Denny's before we returned to campus. Two agonizing days later, he finally came to realize he had feelings for me as well.
         After a long walk around our town, the conversation came to pass: I turned to him and said "Let's be honest, I really like you, but I'm so done with this whole dating thing. If you really want to date me then you're going to have to marry me."
          He thought about it for a minute, and nodded, "I'm not much into dating either....I guess I'll have to marry you then." and that was it. We started courting (dating with the intent of marriage.)  

  Fast forward 9 months.
          Our routines had become set in stone, he would walk me in between classes. We would have meals together in the cafeteria. And we spent pretty much every waking moment together. We could even see each other through our dorm windows and I'd love waving goodnight to him every night. We continued attending the second church that we went to together and we attended weekly youth group meetings.
          January 22, 2013, four days into the new school term and it was -30f that night. We hustled over to the youth group meeting and during the entire meeting I knew something was up. He was not himself in the least and I could barely hold his attention. He then asked me to go on a walk to the edge of town (um hello, it's negative 30 degrees!!), but I agreed none the less. We walked the same route that we had taken that first night together until we got to the edge of town underneath the vast field of stars that filled the sky. (I wish now that I had taken a camera but alas, the only memories I have of this moment are mine and mine alone.)
           The train station behind us was closed and dark, the streetlights were out (again, welcome to Vermont) and the sky was filled with a massive full moon and as many stars as you can imagine. We were both frozen but we held each other as we gazed up with awe. Then he turned to me, pulling my attention away from the sky, and he got down on one knee, and through tears on both our parts he asked me to marry him. I said "yes" of course and it was a beautiful moment that I will never forget. He took no elaborate planning or technology of the sort to have such a beautiful and wonder filled moment. We then hurried to the general store to warm up and ran into one of our friends who was working that night (again, surprise, Vermont problems.) He gave us some tissues and let us warm ourselves before we headed back to the college.
            The next few days went by in a blur with congratulations, love and kindness from friends, family and strangers. I look back now and wish I had taken more pictures, written more in my journal and just appreciated those moments more. We took engagement photos in February (a day that was a whole -1f before windchill!) and they were beautiful! Here's a few of my favorites! 207346_10151255973741610_1339195062_n   14822_10151255973311610_525357241_n   My beautiful engagement ring that was a family heirloom that he got from my aunt. My beautiful engagement ring that was a family heirloom that he got from my aunt.420335_10151255973076610_1845679479_n We had to keep warm! The photo shoot took over an hour! But we loved our photographer!   Since then we spent over two years planning our wedding, due to my battle with cancer and financial issues (read more here) and finally got married this past May.10489735_979145225463509_944631375194691608_n This is the same pastor who was there the night I fell in love with him (from the second service) that was the pastor at our ceremony. We now adore that church and have together devoted our lives to Christ.   11390345_979144008796964_5006992488949728813_n   11295552_979146562130042_6493443428672876748_n Our entire wedding party.  
       I hope you've enjoyed reading my love story as much as I've enjoyed telling it. If you would like to read more about me or any of my posts, feel free to come on over to my blog A Pinch of Faith, where I talk about living life as a Christian wife and bunny mamma. You can also find me on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Feel free to edit some if necessary, etc. Let me know if you need anything else.

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