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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

5 Things I Learned about San Diego Beaches

I grew up on East Coast Beaches. With my three siblings, I splashed in the Atlantic Ocean off the Del-Mar-Va Pennisula throughout my childhood. Here's a picture of me at the beach with my little sister.

Last week though, my husband and I went on an anniversary vacation (sans kiddo :)) to the San Diego Beaches. Here are FIVE ways San Diego beach are different than East Coast one.

1. In place of seagulls, you have sea lions.
        Growing up going to Ocean City, MD, I remember being swarmed by hordes of ravenous seagulls. At La Jolla Cove, where we stayed, I saw all of about three seagulls. But there were HUNDREDS of sea lions.

2. Beaches Are NOT Flat in San Diego. 
       Growing up, I remember the miles and miles of flat sand on the Atlantic coast. The hilliest sections sported a three-foot-high sand dune. At La Jolla Cove, you have to literally climb down a precipice to get to the beach.
        On the positive side, the elevation probably gives you some protection from tsunamis. (Pacific Beach and Mission Beach were a little flatter, but nothing like the East Coast.)

3. Inn-N-Out is an obligatory stop in San Diego
       Ever been to an Inn-N-Out burger chain? Growing up in Maryland, I'd never had. But throughout four years of college, every Westerner at school raved about them non-stop.
        The cafeteria was serving paninis? I was happy to wait in a half-hour long line to get one. But the California-area college students spent the entire half-hour monologuing about how much better Inn-N-Out was than any other culinary expression consumed by mere mortals on the East Coast.

           I'm really not convinced the burgers live up to the hype. But they are pretty good.

4. Back to those sea lions. They STINK. East Coast beaches have laws keeping your dog and cats off the beach. But you can't exactly make a leash law for a sea lion. Those picturesque rocks the sea lions grouped on?--they smell like dog kennels.

5. San Diego beaches have cooler history than the Del-Mar-Va peninsula. I mean you have St. Mary's City in Maryland with some awesome reenactors. 

           But the San Diego missions, built by the Spaniards in mainly the 1700s and used by various orders of monks, are enough to make one want to convert to Catholicism.

      I mean seriously, where on the Maryland beaches do they have a statue of a ROMAN soldier. (Yes I'm a Greco-Roman-phile. :)

       And that's all about La Jolla Cove. I loved it. And now I want to take "Joe-Joe" there next year.

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