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Monday, June 29, 2015

Want to Get Published? Enter to Win this Book that Tells You How to Write Creative Fiction that Sells

     Love to write? Ever wanted to work on your story-telling skills? Enter to win this book by author Caryl McAdoo that explains how to write better creative fiction. Enter the book giveaway by commenting below. Ends July 15th.

Precept upon precept, line upon line…  Isaiah 28:10
Storytelling is a gift, but the craft of writing creative fiction can be learned. It’s a matter of knowing the tools and how to use them. In Story & Style, all the basics of the craft are discussed in a friendly, conversational manner and layman’s terms. Indexed for easy reference with wide outside margins for personal notes, this handy book is a virtual toolbox for writers, filled with a smorgasbord of writing elements like hook, point of view, dialogue, characterization, active vs. passive, and more!
Can you hook an agent or editor or reader? Do you head-hop or stay in point of view?  What about those character arcs? Is your dialogue smooth and natural, or grammatically perfect, but stilted? Why aren’t you packing in those five-star reviews—when you can get one?
Whether you’ve written and published multiple novels or just starting your first one, Story & Style serves to improve your craft.  

This is a wonderful book for those wanting to learn more about writing. I know from experience. The content helped me tremendously!! Thank you, Caryl, your continued helping hands are a blessing to many of us rookie writers!!
     --Andy Skrzynski, author of The New World, a Step Backwards   

I once heard a senior editor at Berkley Publishing in New York claim he could almost reject a submission by how the envelope was addressed, though he admitted reading the first sentence—most of the time.
If it peaked any interest, he’d read that first paragraph. If not hooked by then, he set it aside and went on to the next.
A writer must make a great first impression. I’m not a fisherwoman, but, hook the reader then reel him/her all the way into the net with that first sentence, the first paragraph, and the perfect, exciting first page.
It may be your only opportunity to sell that book. Where you choose to start your story is paramount.
Think drama.
Friends and family might sit still for hearing about baby Sally’s first steps (uninteresting, everyday information) or even hearing the details of the baby’s birth and her childhood (back-story), but the words on page one are being read by total strangers here.
Start with a hook, it’s imperative! Choose words that make the reader want to keep going, turn the page.
Think of a personal trip to the bookstore. What do you do? Find the genre you like then peruse the spines. If a title stands out, you pull it off the shelf. Then what? Turn it over to read the jacket copy, right?
If you’re still interested, if the story sounds appealing, you open to that first page. Am I right?
The time allotted to entice the readers can be measured in seconds.
All total, maybe the writer has thirty precious tics, half a minute, with that prospective fan. Again, think drama. I’ve found a good place to raise the curtain is with a crisis that leads to a decision (most always a bad one) or a decision that leads to a crisis (told you it was a bad one).
Bad decisions are precursors to drama.
Crises—difficult or dangerous situations that require immediate attention—and bad decisions are proven good openings for stories.

Enter to WIN by commenting below. Ends July 15th.

A Christian author and professional editor since 2001, Caryl McAdoo currently writes three series from a perspective of faith: her historical Texas Romances; the contemporary Red River Romances; and The Generations, her Biblical fiction. With twenty titles fetching hundreds of five star reviews, the hybrid (Published both traditionally—Simon and Schuster and four others—and Indie) author lives with her high-school-sweetheart husband Ron in the woods of Red River County south of Clarksville in the far northeast corner of Texas.
Praying to give God glory, she desires that all her endeavors minister His love, mercy, and grace.

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