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Friday, June 26, 2015

23 Questions with Joe-Joe

Saw this on the internet (thanks +Carey Christian ) and decided to ask Joe-Joe.

First the Instructions:
WITHOUT any prompting, ask your child these questions & write down EXACTLY what they say.

Child's Name: Joe-Joe
Age: 3 
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1. What is something Mom always says to you? 
Joe-Joe: "What?"
Me: repeats question.
Joe-Joe: "You say 'don't touch my computer.' And you say 'don't hit.'"
2. What makes Mama happy? 
Joe-Joe: "Not hitting. Not touching her computer. Not poking your eye out."
3. What makes Mama sad? 

Joe-Joe: "Hitting."
4. How does Mama make you laugh?

Joe-Joe: "When I laugh, you laugh. That makes you laugh."
Awww. :)

5. What was Mama like as a child? 

Joe-Joe: "What?"
Me: repeats question.
Joe-Joe: "When you were a little girl and you were out in the grass with Grandpa, the BEES got you."
Me: "Did I like it?"
Joe-Joe: "No."
6. How old is Mama? 

Joe-Joe: "How old are you?"
Me: "What do you think?"
Joe-Joe: "28."
Good job, Joe-Joe! Somebody was listening when I blew out my birthday candles. :)
7. How tall is Mom? 

Joe-Joe: "Like this tall." *draws circle with finger*
No fair, Joe-Joe! That makes me look rotund. ;)
8. What is Mom's favorite thing to do? 

Joe-Joe: "Go out with Grandpa and get bit by the bees. And to bite somebody's nose."
FYI, I do NOT bite people's noses! :)

9. What does Mama do when you're not here? 

Joe-Joe: "You don't have me."
Me: "Do I do anything?"
Joe-Joe: "No."
Somebody thinks I have a boring life.
10. If Mama becomes famous what will it be for? 

Joe-Joe: "They would know that you made a big mess."
11. What is Mama really good at? 

Joe-Joe: "Pumping stuff."
12. What is Mama not very good at? 

Joe-Joe: "Bubble spinner"
Right again Joe-Joe. That stupid little flash game is going to be the death of me yet!

13. What is Mama's job? 

Joe-Joe: "I don't know what you do for work."
14. What makes you proud of Mama? 

Joe-Joe: "I just get down and crawl to you."
Ok, then . . .
15. What is Mama's favorite food? 

Joe-Joe: "Onions."
16. What do you & Mama do together?

Joe-Joe: "Make food."
17. How are you & Mama the same? 

Joe-Joe: "Tomatoes."
18. If your Mama was a cartoon character who would she be? 

Joe-Joe: "Who? I don't know which movie."
19. How are you & Mama different? 

Joe-Joe: "Poking you."
Me, trying to figure out what he meant: "Do you like poking me?"
Joe-Joe: "Yes."
Me: "Do I like when you poke me?"
Joe-Joe: "No."
Ah, and there is a way we are different. :)
20. How do you know Mama loves you? 

Joe-Joe: "Because you hold me when I'm sad or have an owie."
21. What does Mama like best about Daddy? 

Joe-Joe: "I don't know."
22. Where is Mama's favorite place to go? 

Joe-Joe: "The screw store."
What is a screw store? Home Depot?
23. How old was Mama when she had you? 

Joe-Joe: "How old? I don't know how old you were."

And there you have it. 23 questions with Joe-Joe. I hope you were as amused as I was. :)

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