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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Desperate Times . . .

       Call for desperate measures. And what times were more desperate than the Wild, Wild West?

     This weekend we took Joe-Joe for a taste of the Wild West at a local tourist town. Gunfights, stage  coaches, 19th century dresses, this town had it all.

Joe-Joe was a little afraid of the ponies.

For good reason!

Here's Joe-Joe posing with the littlest cowboy. Look very closely at the cowboy's six shooter.

And now look what Joe-Joe does in this second picture.

Me, when reviewing photos: "Were you going for that gun, Joe-Joe?"
Joe-Joe: "But it was stuck!"

Probably a good thing . . . :)

     The town was a lot of fun. People were drawing six-shooters on main street and re-enacting historic shoot-outs in the local theater.

         I wonder what it would have been like to vent your angst with gunsmoke rather than social media rants.
         They compare the pen to the sword, but has it ever been deemed as potent as a gun?

         Not that I'm considering a display of gunsmoke or anything. ;) I just desperately need 200 more people to join my thunderclap for foster kids. (Thunderclap is a spam-free technology where you donate one Facebook status or tweet to a cause or book release. All the pre-written statuses are posted on the same day, Apr 28th, for a thunderclap of support.)
     And social media appeals haven't been very effective. If I don't get 200 more people in the next 13 days my thunderclap dies and no Facebook statuses or tweets go out. And since I've put about 60 hours into this campaign, I think that would be really tragic. :(
       Anyone want to help out an author armed only with a pen not a six-shooter and check out my thunderclap by clicking the link below?

     Because it's kind of illegal in my town to try the Wild, Wild West method of getting peoples' attention. :)

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