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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Enter to Win This Inspiring Collection of Short Stories

Like its title, this collection of short stories edited by N. J. Lindquist makes for a delightful and inspiring read over a cup of hot apple cider.  Comment below to enter to win one of two sets of Hot Apple Cider and its Discussion Guide.

 Hot Apple Cider
N. J. Lindquist
Could you use a hug?

When we began to create Hot Apple Cider: Words to Stir the Heart and Warm the Soul, our task was to produce a gift book filled with stories ordinary people would enjoy reading.

Thirty writers and two editors looked at our own lives and shared our pain, our fears, and our hope. We opened up about our feelings of loneliness, times of depression, unfair treatment, and the peace we feel when we pour our hearts out to God. We shared our times of helplessness and abandonment, and our faith that God never leaves us alone. We talked about our longings and our times of loss, our feeling that no one else had ever been in our shoes, and our belief that every person matters. For example:

·         A middle-aged woman wakes up to discover her husband lying comatose beside her in the Australian outback.

·         A young doctor questions God’s will after losing his devout grandmother to breast cancer.

·         A lonely waitress stuck in a small town wonders how God could possibly use her.

·         A missionary in Africa, dedicated to serving God, has a horrific car accident that leaves him brain-damaged.

·         A shy 12-year-old girl struggles with the idea that God wants her to write a letter to the editor of the local newspaper telling people God loves them.

In every instance, these ordinary people discovered that God was waiting to dry their tears and help them see His plan for their lives, where good eventually emerged from the hurt and confusion. Every one of them learned that dependence on God creates the character and insights that produce a deep, rich faith.

When the book was finished, we hesitantly sent it out, and were delighted to discover that readers felt our simple book was actually a comforting hug.

Recently, we created a companion Discussion Guide so the book can be used for personal reflection or group exploration.

What Others Are Saying About Hot Apple Cider

“My guess is that within these pages there is something that was meant just for you.”
~Janette Oke

“A collection of short stories, poetry, and wisdom seeking to heal and mend the soul of the reader after difficult and stressful situations... Highly recommended.”
~Midwest Book Review

“If you’re looking for inspiration, something to breathe in for reassurance that you’re not alone, something to remind you to hear God’s voice in acts of compassion, spend an afternoon with Hot Apple Cider. It could just change your life.”
~Jane Kirkpatrick, award-winning author.
“These writers have two things in common. They’re serious Christians and committed writers.”
~Cecil Murphy, author of more than 100 books
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N. J. Lindquist is a child of God, wife, mother, reader, sports fan, teacher, life-long learner, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, adopted person, pioneer, Star Trek fan… You get the picture.

Having grown up as a shy only child with a ginormous imagination, N. J. loves nothing more than sitting at her computer for days on end writing novels. However, since she’s a born leader and teacher, she also writes nonfiction, speaks on a variety of topics, and teaches writing workshops. Since age twenty-one, her mission has been to use her gifts and talents to make disciples. Or, as she would put it, encourage people to become everything God created them to be.
In the fall of 1999, N. J. and her husband Les created an independent publishing company, That’s Life! Communications. It’s allowed her to not only publish in multiple genres, but also publish three amazing anthologies that include other writers, some of whom hadn’t been published before. Those anthologies are now available as ebooks, and the newest one, A Taste of Hot Apple Cider: Words to Encourage and Inspire, is currently free. The fourth book will be published in September.

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