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Monday, February 2, 2015

Enter to win Jonquils in the Snow, a Heartwarming Contemporary Romance


    I didn't know what a Jonquil was until finding this book by inspirational author, Laurean Brooks. This a Jonquil. --->--->--->
    Aren't they beautiful? Like the flower, the book Jonquils in the Snow is a lovely story set in modern times. Read the book description below, and ENTER TO WIN.
Jilted two days before her wedding, Miranda Stevens isn't sure she can trust her heart again. Two years later on a cold, icy morning, Brady Watson shows up at her door. The tree service man's honey-colored eyes melt Miranda's heart. But she detects pain in their depths. What is Brady not saying?

Three years have passed since Brady Watson lost his wife to a drunk driver. He still grieves. His heart was buried with her when she died. Or so he thought. Until Miranda's smile and sense of humor threaten to change his mind. Will Brady release the grief and reach out to Miranda? 

How does God use a cluster of Jonquils bursting through the snow as a promise of a new beginning for these two hurting souls?

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Laurean Brooks writes inspirational romance with heart, wit, and humor. Chivalrous heroes stand by to rescue their heroines from a plethora of scrapes they manage to get themselves into. Her sassy heroines are familiar with the taste of their own shoe leather, since foot-in-mouth episodes prevail
Ms. Brooks developed a love for writing after she'd read a book report to her fifth-grade class and the teacher announced to the students, “One day Laurean will become an author.” Ms. Brooks' imagination got her into trouble that same year when she wrote an assignment on Columbus' adventures. Or should I say Columbus' “mis”adventures? Laurean's teacher demanded a Miss Mary kept a straight face when the wild natives stuffed Columbus inside a cannon then shot him back across the ocean. The class found the story hysterically funny, but Miss Mary never cracked a grin.
Laurean Brooks titles can be found on Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble.


  1. I love Contemporary Romance, which is what I write too. This book sounds interesting! God bless you in your writing ventures, Laurean.


  2. I am wanting to know.. How does God use a cluster of Jonquils bursting through the snow as a promise of a new beginning for these two hurting souls?
    This sounds like a wonderful story!
    dkstevensneAToutlookDo TCoM