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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Women, Leadership, & the Bible. Enter to WIN this book explaining it all. :)

      Women, leadership, the Bible. Say those three words in any Bible-reading crowd and you can spark a lively debate in a matter of seconds. Ever wondered how to delve deeper into what the Bible says about these topics? Enter to WIN Dr. Natalie Eastman's book below.

Women, Leadership, & the Bible
by Natalie Eastman

         Have you ever found yourself saying: "I wish I knew how to understand what the Bible really says about women's roles in church leadership. The many conflicting opinions, positions, and practices I see and hear confuse me. They all argue their points and positions from the Bible!"
          For someone who’s trying to discern God's heart on a major issue, wading through the myriad conflicting authoritative and peer voices produces more than a little anxiety. The insecurity that comes from being unclear or unsure can feel paralyzing.
          Can you relate? Often, you still function in the meantime. You keep serving, quietly fearful that you may be disobeying God if you make the wrong choice. You keep relating the best you can, nervous that you may be relating wrongly. You keep seeking answers in the Word, wondering why you can't seem to fit the pieces together.
           Do you want to be able to cut through all of those voices to hear God's voice on this—and any other difficult topics you face in life? Seminary or Bible school would be a great choice for that; but perhaps you don't have the time or resources to attend seminary at this point in life. Would you like to
learn how to interpret and understand the Bible to find answers to your toughest life questions—for
yourself, at a very advanced level, and without attending seminary?
             Plenty of books exist telling women what to think; precious few help women think for themselves, particularly about theological issues. Women, Leadership, and the Bible (WLB) helps women learn to interpret the Bible and discern for themselves answers to their questions about women’s roles in the church, and any other issue. In straightforward, plain language, Dr. Eastman introduces women to a five-step, easy-to-follow process for studying the Bible and interpreting what they study.
What Others Are Saying
      "I have heard women tell me their one life wish is to study the Scriptures. I am delighted to be able to say they finally can, without going to seminary. Natalie Eastman dignifies women’s minds with her careful steps for understanding the Bible. You will finish prepared to face those 'problem
passages' not just about women’s roles but about everything. Natalie Eastman is an ideal guide
because she refuses to tell you what to think, instead she delivers the tools, that all teachers of
the Bible use, to unlock meaning and application.”
                                  —Jonalyn Fincher, Author of Ruby Slippers
      Women, Leadership, & the Bible serves as a strategic resource that helps you find answers to your theological questions and, just as important, find freedom from confusion. Everyone who reads and uses WLB, simply following the methodical steps presented in its pages, will find their Bible study deepened, their issues clarified, their peace and confidence raised. It’s important to note that WLB does not take a position on the issue of women's roles—nor does it 'lean' in one direction over another. Instead, Dr. Eastman teaches women proven methods of discernment, so they may come to their own conclusion, within the context of their own communities. Dr. Eastman has successfully created a safe and objective "space," within the pages of the book, for women to explore this issue—and any other issue they have questions about and want to explore biblically.
      If you want to gain clarity on your hardest biblical questions, learn to sift and sort ideas, interpretations, opinions, and feelings through the lens of Scripture, rather than the other way around, find you own interpretive voice as you gain Bible analysis and interpretation skills at a seminarian's level, and experience confidence before God that you are being obedient in understanding his Word as best you can . . . then this is the book you want to read next.
Find Your Interpretive

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  1. I look forward to reading your book! God bless in the new year. :)

  2. This sounds like an awesome book.
    M. Waters

  3. @Kimberly
    @M. Waters
    Thank you so much for your enthusiasm! I pray the Lord blesses your efforts to know his Word more fully and deeply.


  5. This looks like a wonderful book. :)

  6. Would love to add this book to my library (and my brain!) I need to learn more about the subject of women and the word!

  7. I'm intrigued by what this book might have to say. If this giveaway is open to Canadians, too, please count me in! Thank you! :)

  8. Sounds intriguing. I'm curious to know what this book has to say, especially as I hope to be a ministry leader in the future. If this giveaway is open to Canadians, as well, please count me in! Thank you!

  9. I would like to read this book. You have made some interesting points and I want to know more about this subject.