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Saturday, January 3, 2015

What Would Happen If You Were Stolen?: Enter to win this fascinating novel about human trafficking

         A far off land, enslaved captives, a woman willing to risk it all, a love story: novels don't get much better than this. The review I wrote of Stolen Woman by Kimberly Rae is below. Also enter to win. There will be FIVE prize winners.
 Stolen Woman
by Kimberly Rae

               Human Trafficking . . . Asha knew nothing about it before meeting 16-year-old Rani, stolen from her home and forced into prostitution in Kolkata, India. Asha must help this girl escape, but Mark, a third-generation missionary, keeps warning her away from the red-light district and its workers. Will she ever discover why? And will they ever stop their intense arguments long enough to admit their even more intense feelings for one another? When Asha sneaks out one last time in a desperate attempt to rescue her friend, someone follows her through the night. Is freedom possible? Or will she, too, become one of the stolen?

My Review
            I opened up this book because of the human trafficking themes. I also was very impressed by the authors' resume. Kimberly Rae has lived in Bangladesh, Uganda, Kosovo, and Indonesia. What I got when I opened the book was an intriguing look into the sights and sounds of India. Stolen Woman has a rich setting. You will feel like you are in India as you read about the village markets, "see" the exquisite saris, and hear about the struggle local missionaries encounter to help the trafficked women under the noses of the pimp-controlled authorities. In this world, one misstep means enslavement or death.
           But the heroine doesn't know that. Asha, the American adoptee heroine might have the right skin color to fit in, but she's far from aware of all the brutal undercurrents running below the outwardly colorful and happy town of Kolkata. She travels to Kolkata to work in the local orphanage for a summer's mission trip. Before long though, she ends up deeply involved in a trafficked girl's life. The rewards, saving a girl from a life of sex trafficking, are very real, but the risks are just as real. Will Asha lose her own freedom in her attempt to save her friend?
Enter to win one of FOUR e-books or the grand prize of the ENTIRE SERIES by commenting below. :) Make sure I have your email address by signing up on the right-hand side. (I promise not to spam you. I only send out emails if I have a book release.) ENDS 1/15/15

Kimberly Rae, award-winning author of 20 books, has lived in Bangladesh, Uganda, Kosovo and Indonesia. She has been published over 300 times and has work in 5 languages. Stolen Woman, her Amazon bestselling novel on international human trafficking, is being offered to 5 winners! Four winners will receive a personal e-mail from Kimberly with her book, Stolen Woman, (PDF copy), and one grand winner will receive the entire Stolen Series! 
Find out more or order autographed books at!
FB Page: Human Trafficking Stolen Woman
Twitter: @KimberlyRaeBook
"...a combination of expert journalistic research and page-turning story-telling . . . I highly recommend this book!" -Kathi Macias, Award-Winning Author of 40 books, including the Freedom Series
"This is a book you can't afford not to read." -Susie Shellenberger, Creator Sisterhood Magazine, Author of 40+ books
"You'll undoubtedly get caught up in the suspense, romance and battle between good and evil . . ." -Dawn H. Jewell, Author of Escaping the Devil's Bedroom

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  1. I love those striking covers and look forward to reading Kimberly's books! They all look good!