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Monday, January 12, 2015

The "Get Fit" Supplement That's Flooding the Market

      So, as I worked on growing my blog these last few months, I discovered this new craze among bloggers--reviews.  Readers seemed to love reading them, and oftentimes the company who got their product reviewed pays you a small stipend.  Win-win. And you get a free product. So I set off to review something cool like a juicer or a purse.
      Nobody wanted me. Apparently 4,000 hits a month really isn't that impressive in the blogsphere.
      Then I received an email asking me to review Cambogia Garcinia and Rasberry Ketones, appetite suppressing supplements.
         Diet pills? I'm not going to review diet pills. People will think I'm fat! (Ok, probably not the most mature reaction. ;))
        And when I took a closer look, I saw Cambogia Garcinia is also marketed to increase serotonin, a key brain chemical that affects depression and anxiety. Rasberry Ketones can raise norepinephrine, an important calming brain chemical. I'm a mental health counselor and natural supplements that can affect depression and anxiety are a major focus of study for me.

      So in I plunged.
        First, the warning label for Cambogia Garcinia. There is such a thing as too much serotonin. This leads to serotonin syndrome which is very dangerous. Naturally you are in no danger of creating too much serotonin, but pairing a supplement that increases serotonin with an antidepressant or other psychotic med that increases serotonin is NEVER a good idea. So consult your doctor before taking Cambogia Garcinia if you are on an antidepressant or any similar type of mental health drug.
          Cambogia Garcinia works two ways. 1. It increases serotonin, a happy brain chemical, thus regulating your appetite. If you're overweight, serotonin will decrease your appetite. If you're underweight, serotonin will actually increase your appetite. 2. The supplement blocks your body's ability to store fat and breaks up visceral fat. Visceral fat is the fat that resides in your stomach region and can get entangled in your internal organs. This is the kind of fat most likely to push you over into diabetes or heart disease. So getting rid of it's a good idea!
          All the studies I read showed that Cambogia Garcinia is a very safe supplement. The only possible side effects are nausea and diarrhea. Like everything, don't take this if you're pregnant. (Actually, to make your ob-gyn truly happy, just find a sterile bubble to live in for 9 months.)
           I've heard of people taking a lot of different drugs to reduce appetite, including Robitussun. As a counselor, I cringe when I hear that. Please don't mess with your body in such an unhealthy way! The Cambogia Garcinia diet supplement though, should be good for your health since it helps boost important brain chemicals. I can't promise you that you'll get your money's worth from this supplement. Unfortunately, because of the time constraints on when this review was expected, I did not have time to make myself a guinea pig and take all the pills. But I did take some and there was no magical 7lbs of weight-loss in a week. So don't expect to skip the treadmill or chow down on Double Macs just because you're taking Cambogia Garcinia and Rasberry Ketones.
            But, these supplements are not going to hurt you. And they'll help with the winter blues, even if they don't make you lose weight.
          Want to try it out? Buy Cambogia Garcinia here.

I received a small (very small) amount of payment for posting this review. Not near large enough of a payment to make me lie or anything. ;)

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