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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Enter to Win This Intriguing Story About 3 Generations of Women

      One mother.  Two daughters.  One favorite.  One not. 
      When Cassie Barclay is presented with an opportunity – or is it a curse – she runs with it.  She jumps into a new life, her sister’s life, and although at first, it holds appeal and promise, she soon realizes sometimes the fairy tale is tainted. 
     Tessa  is a story of love and trust, hope and faith.  Of lies and betrayal and deceit.  An unsavory heritage, a tragic incident.  Lies unravel, secrets are uncovered, masks removed, and the truth  - and love - prevail.
         A story of three generations of women, Tessa  is a tale of family, the nuances, the hierarchy, the enmity.
        Tessa  is Cassie’s story.
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Mark 1:3 “The voice of one crying in the wilderness: 'Prepare the way of the LORD; Make His paths straight.”  I pray my writing, in some small way, points my readers to the Truth.

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Learn a little more about Tessa and the author in my interview with Robin E. Mason below.

Me: What was your inspiration for “Tessa?”
Robin E. Mason: The opening of Tessa “came” to me one afternoon when I was taking a walk. 
“Tessa flopped onto the divan, more worn and weary in her thirty-seven years than the faded and threadbare divan in its 137 years.”  I wrote it down as soon as I got home. For me, anything and everything can be an inspiration for a story.

Me: Do you have your next story in mind?  What’s it about?
Robin: A few people asked me about a sequel to Tessa, which I had not igured on.  But toward the end of the story, one of the characters asks an innocent question that leaves it wide open. 
      And, when I thought about it, I actually left it wide open in Chapter One for the sequel.  It is entitled, Clara Bess.  In Tessa, Cassie hides her very identity from everyone for several years.  Clara Bess, however, is rather the opposite; she finds out that she is not who she believed herself to be.  And, I just “found out” C.B. has a secret of her own, too.
      Here's a sneak peek of book #2's cover.

Me: What do you like most about being a writer? 
Robin: The creative process, which really isn’t much of a process at all.  It’s amorphic, fluid, ever changing.  While I know I need the [ahem] discipline, as a creative, this flexibility serves me well.  I really love being able to tell a story that others enjoy reading.  And as I’ve cast my networking net, I am thriving on the community of writers I am now part of!

Me: What's the hardest part about being a writer?
Robin: The [ahem] discipline to park it and do it!  That and the marketing, which I was surprised to find that I rather enjoy, but it’s still not my thing and doesn’t come naturally to me.  I’m learning…

Me: Tell us a little about your writing journey.
Robin: I first started writing in 1996.  I was going through some deep healing, and Holy Spirit dropped it in me to write.  My story.  What began as separated pieces of my life, I eventually put together in one single story.  It may or may not ever see publication.  Then for several years I was prolific writing poetry but left off the prose.  In 2008, I was going for the aforementioned walk and Tessa was begun.  But nearly as soon as I started, I was hijacked: I went back to school in February 2009.  I wrote some, in scraps and pieces, but I was also diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at the end of 2010 and finishing my degree was about all I had strength for.  I graduated in May of 2013 with my BFA in Interior Design, and didn’t land that wonderfully anticipated job.  I waited, and filled in my time poking around with Tessa.  Somewhere in the fall of 2013, I got serious and set a goal to get published.  A fellow author at church suggested I start with self-pubbing on Kindle, and I set my target date to be done: 31 January 2014.  I made it with two days to spare and Tessa went live on 1 March.  In October, the print version was released.  I knew nothing of editors or proofreaders, or beta readers for that matter.  I am perpetually editing, and I had others reading, and off I went.  I haven’t looked back since!

Me: Why do you write Christian fiction? 
Robin: For me it’s an opportunity to express my faith without being “preachy.”  There’s a time and place for traditional witnessing, but to me the greater value and effect is being real in what I believe and living my life accordingly; indeed, this opens the door for direct ministry.  For me to be able to write the way I write – which I cannot market at Christian Fiction because of a few “no-no” words – and yet I am a Christian and I am an author, so my faith is in every word I write [yet, even “those” words] and my story conveys what I believe.  In the grander scheme, Christian fiction is a platform that readers hold in their hands, and they may confront a Truth they never realized or understood before.  If something I write gives a reader pause, plants a seed, or waters a seed planted, then my story is a success.

Me: What advice do you have for others aspiring to be a published author? 
Robin: Network.  I did not do any of it in the “prescribed” order.  I just jumped in without knowing othing from nothing.  I wrote.  I published.  Then  I started blogging.  It wasn’t until six months after Tessa first came out on Kindle that I started interacting with other authors. As I shared posts from other writers, I began to interact with and “meet” others.  I am primarily on Facebook, but I share to my blog and Twitter.  I write reviews, and give interviews.  I promote others’ books and events.  And the dreaded marketing.  I’m pretty good at putting my own memes together, and have to make myself post every day; but you have to be aware which groups are okay to post in and which are not.  Also, as a Christian, be aware of groups that are not Christian and if there are genres that conflict with your beliefs.  I choose not to be associated with some groups for that reason. 
       Don’t compare yourself – your writing or your journey – to another writer.  What works, or fits, for one will and necessarily be the best plan for you.  Much of this is trial and error to find what suits each of us best.
        Following that is, KEEP WRITING! And don’t let yourself get discouraged.  If – when – you start to feel discouraged, write.  Write anything.  Even if you turn and scrap it later, write.  For a writer, the best cure for just about anything is writing.  Keep looking forward, keep moving forward; find your stride.  And always KEEP WRITING!
           One more nugget, which most writers accept as par for the course.  Read.  Read.  And read some more.  I have read some that were not what I would have otherwise read, and found that I quite enjoyed them.  Like any other field, we are ever learning and growing, and honing our craft. 

Me: How do you hope your readers react to your stories?
Robin:  Like any other author, I hope readers fall in love with my characters. I hope they find some truth, something that speaks to them in the words I write.  I hope some facet of my story rings true with my readers.

Me: What do you like to do in your spare time?
Robin:  Good question.  LOL  I love to go for walks, love being outdoors.  I have multiple art projects “in the wings” – drawings and paintings, and art books.  I like to cook, but that’s not so much a spare time activity.  And of course I love to spend time with my grandgirls!

Me: What is the most surprising thing you've learned about writing/publishing?
Robin: The network of friends I’ve made.  The sister bond with some, the camaraderie with most. Shared woes and victories aren’t so surprising, but knowing that I’m not alone in this Indie journey is amazing.

Me: What is your favorite genre to read.
Robin:  Hands down, historical fiction, especially Biblical fiction.  I love history, and enjoy thoroughly researched and well written prose involving true historical events and figures.

Me: Where can we purchase your books and how can we keep up with you?
Robin: I am predominantly on Facebook, and my blog is on wordpress.  I will be redesigning it in the next few weeks with a whole new look!


  1. Nice interview. Thanks for the advice to just WRITE! dbdempsey98(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. thanks Becky! it's so easy to get caught up in all the components of being an Indie, promotion, perpetual learning, reading other stories [for review or for pleasure] - and just plain ol' trolling on facebook! honestly, I had some trouble getting "in the saddle" with Clara Bess, but I'm off and running with it now!!

  3. That book cover is gorgeous! Can't wait to read it!