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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

What To Buy for the Man Who Has Everything: Fantasy Football Trophy


      Don't know what to buy your hubby for Christmas? Do I have an idea for you! It's unique, flashy, and bound to thrill your man. That said, I have many misgivings about the ethicalness of this present. But I trust you, my loyal readers, to make your own judgment about it. :)
         So, as you may know, I'm not a football fan. Watching a screen for hours as grown men bowl into each other over a child's toy i.e. ball?--not my thing. But you know what I'm even less into than football?
         Fantasy football.
         Watching your local Broncos game, you can at least take a nap. But with fantasy football you have to really get into it. This player on that football team got the ball this many yards and that gives me so many points for my fantasy team. But my fantasy quarterback (from another team) had this many interceptions so that loses me so many points. Then I add up my points and compare to your points. And worse yet, you have to follow EVERY SINGLE FOOTBALL GAME across America to play. Help!
        But chances are your husband, boyfriend, brother, dad, or maybe even sister, wife, mother, or daughter ADORES fantasy football. Not only do they get incredibly into the football game. They get ludicrously ecstatic when their completely imaginary football team wins.
         And you know what? You can cash into that crazy enthusiasm and get major girlfriend/wife of the year points by buying the special man in your life a fantasy football trophy. At they offer completely customizable fantasy football trophies. You can put your guy's name, his imaginary football team's name, and any congratulatory words you want. Here's the link for the Fantasy Foot Ball Trophy.
        I guarantee you, even the man who has everything, probably doesn't have a fantasy football trophy. And with one simple buy, you can give the impression of spending months of time selecting just the right personalized gift. (He'll like it better than cologne; that's for sure.)
        Additionally, if you're playing fantasy football with your co-workers and really need to butter up the boss so you get that promotion, this is the gift to do it. And what about that entitled adult son of yours who you're pretty sure throws out all the handmade gifts you make him every Christmas? I bet he'd hold on to a fantasy football trophy.
         So what do you think? Would you buy the fantasy football obsessed man (or woman) in your life a trophy? Would they love you forever for it?

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