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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Our Year At A Glance

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :) This is us, me (Anne), my husband (Gabe), our son ("Joe-Joe", not his real name).

As you can tell, "Joe-Joe" thoroughly enjoyed his Christmas.

   Yes, I know I take too many pictures of him. But isn't he cute?

    Our year's been amazingly stable. No moves in 18 months (a record for our married life :). No deployments or talk of future deployments. No pregnancies. No school or trainings. No switching work schedules every month.
      Peace, quiet, soothing, calming peace. Yes, we are loving it.
      My parents moved here in the summer and it's been amazing to have their support. Parents of young children who have always had a grandparent/aunt/or other relative to drop your child off at when you go to the doctor, date night, etc., do you know how lucky you are? I do! And it's amazing.
       Gabe is still enslaved by working for the National Guard. (Yes, perhaps I'm a little bitter that they made him work until 8 pm while he was throwing up with the flu. Sick time is so not in his bosses' vocabulary.) And he's continuing to work for our local police department. So lots of weird weekend shifts and such. But I'm not complaining, since for the first year ever he got a day shift. :) Also his department is awesome and those bosses all have high marks in my good book. (I figure if Santa can keep a naughty and nice book, so can I 0;)
        I did fundraising for our church's MOPs group this year. (If you've never been part of Mother of Preschoolers (MOPs), it takes children 0-5, not just preschoolers. And there's childcare. :) And I wrote--a ton. I have one publishing board sitting on a book of mine currently (praying for a book contract!), and I along with Helen Cochrane am releasing a picture book about foster care in May. Here's a sneak peek.

        Oh, which leads me to our other news. As much as we were loving this really peaceful year thing, it seemed time to do something at least a little bit crazy. . .
        So we signed up to be foster parents.
        Gabe and I took nine weeks of foster care classes this fall. And I reveled in using all my counseling lingo in an attempt to look smart. (I actually probably just annoyed the social worker teaching the class. But hey, it was fun.)
        Our licensure will probably get done in between February and May. And after that, we'll start having 0-2 year old baby girls in our home. Potentially lots and lots of them. . .
      I'm excited, happy, and kind of scared to death. But hey, Joe-Joe's the only baby in the world that ever got up every half hour for 3 months straight, right? Or insisted on being spoon-fed until 18 months? Or who screamed "put my diaper on" EVERY single time you tried to potty train him? Right?
         Well that's about all for 2014. Next year, Gabe will start working a traffic special assignment with the police department. And I'm hoping to start working on my licensure for my master's in counseling again. (You have to work 2,000 hours post-degree to get your LPC.) Joe-Joe hasn't told me his big plans for 2015, but they probably involve "blowing fire" at dragons and discovering the location of my secret candy stash.

Here's our Bible Verse for the year: Ps 27:1 "The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the defense of my life; Whom shall I dread?"

Country song for the year (my pick, not Gabe's, because he couldn't think of one):

TV Shows We Were Addicted to This Year: Chuck, All About a Boy, Royal Pains

What about you? Do you have a song, TV show, or Bible verse for your year?

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