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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Introverts Unite: Win a free copy of this novel

Ruth O'Neil

     After the death of her father, painfully shy and introverted Shelly finds her world turned upside down. She is forced to speak with people and she may even have to move from her comfortable apartment. Sorting through her father’s possessions at his house brings back many memories, including how they would research her mom’s genealogy so that in a way, she could get to know her mother’s family, who are all deceased. Shelly wonders why her dad never researched his own family and she never remembers any family events. Why? She begins a journey that takes her to places she never dreamed. Throughout the entire story, God nudges Shelly to get out of her comfort zone. That’s easy for some, but for Shelly it may almost be impossible.

What People are Saying:
      All of us struggle from time to time with certain strongholds in our lives. "Belonging" is a moving story about a young woman, Shelly, who had a very distinct stronghold in her life. Shelly's character is developed over time--from a shy, withdrawn, unsociable young lady blossoming into a spiritually growing woman who enjoys sharing her gifts with others. Stepping out of the comfort zone to move forward in Faith is hard for all of us. Shelly shows how this can be done in small steps while being obedient to God. Even though the book was written in an easy to read style, there are many lessons we can learn from "Belonging", including the blessings we can receive even while going through difficult circumstances. The story itself was simple and light, and lessons from Scripture were also used appropriately.

          This book was encouraging and uplifting. I enjoyed this story of Shelly who had been held captive most of her life by her shyness and being such an introvert. Through the tragedy of losing her father and other circumstances she was gradually able to come out of her shell. The story gives us all hope of overcoming problems in life if we are faithful to God and let Him help us. I liked how Shelly was able to still have the influence of her father through his devotional book to help her with all the decisions and choices she had to make. "Belonging had twists and turns, like life, to make it an interesting read. I hope there is going to be a second book. I found that I cried, laughed, learned and could relate, which to me means a good book. This story touches something deep inside.

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About the Author:
Ruth O’Neil, born and raised in upstate New York, attended Houghton College. She has been a freelance writer for more than 20 years, publishing hundreds of articles in dozens of publications. Ruth spends her spare time quilting, scrapbooking, and camping with her family. You can visit her at
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  1. Sounds like something I could relate to!

    1. Thanks for entering, Abigail! Many people have told me they can see themselves in it.

  2. This book will touch many lives. I pray it brings healing to others. I would definitely like to read it.

    God bless and Merry Christmas!

    Gina Weeks

    1. Thanks for entering, Gina! That is my prayer for EVERY book I write.

  3. I'm not an introvert, but this sounds interesting!

    1. I'm not exactly an introvert, either, but I do enjoy some alone time once in a while. Thanks for entering, Kati!

  4. As a painfully shy person myself, I can relate totally to the character. I can't wait to read the book.

    1. Thanks for entering, Lori! I would love to hear your thoughts after you read it.