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Friday, December 5, 2014

DIY Christmas Gifts: Guest Post

My friend, an attorney and mother to two little boys close to Joe-Joe's age, recently started a blog. Cleverly entitled, From Court Date to Playdate, my friend's blog features a host of DIY and craft ideas as well as musings about her transition from full time lawyer to full time mom.

Below is a DIY article Robyn wrote about some spectacular Christmas gifts she made. I'm so stealing her idea for the Broncos mug. Find more cool craft and DIY ideas on her blog:

More DIY
 by Robyn

So I was feeling creative again and decided to do another slew of Christmas gifts. I have to say that I am loving my oil based sharpie pens. And for what they cost, I am trying to get my money out of them. So here are some more sharpie gifts. And with all of these gifts I put them in a cool oven, brought to 350 and let sit for 30 minutes then turned off oven and let them cool down before taking them out. This cures the paint. While it will be probably best to hand wash these I have a wine glass I did that I throw in the dishwasher top rack all the time and it has held up really well.
The first is a beer mug that I got at the dollar store. I printed off favorite sports teams of the men in our family/friend group and taped the outline to the inside of the glass and then traced over it with the pen. Hint: if you make a mistake have rubbing alcohol ready and if you don’t have any handy then hand sanitizer works just fine so don’t be afraid to make a mistake. I had to slightly free hand the guitar one. With that one I found a guitar trace design online with my phone and then stuck my phone in the glass because I didn’t have a printer handy.
IMG_20141202_191607728 IMG_20141202_191558382 IMG_20141202_191626184 IMG_20141202_191503918
Then I went on to gifts for the ladies in our family/friend group. For shipping purposes I chose coffee mugs but also did some wine glasses. The dollar store had foam type alphabet stickers that worked fine and were a lot cheaper than fancy alphabet stickers at a craft store. I just chose the letter, stuck it on straight, put dots around it and then gradually came out with the dots getting further apart. Peel off the sticker and there you go.
IMG_20141202_191512195 IMG_20141202_193334924 IMG_20141202_193324106IMG_20141008_101956183
Last but not least are Santa Plates. I made one of these at our MOPS (Mother of Preschoolers) meeting and came home ready to make some more for Christmas gifts.
Visit Robyn's blog:

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