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Monday, December 1, 2014

Better than Cyber Monday: Win 30 Copies of a children's story about the 3 Magi's Wives

      I don't know about your child, but my child's just a little bit addicted to the ipad. Until I met author James Allen though, I didn't know that some children's books come on an ipad ap as well as an on ebook.
     Read more about this exciting Christmas story about the Magi's wives and enter to win the THIRTY copies that James Allen is very generously giving away. I'm off to get my two-year-old, Joe-Joe into the Christmas spirit by getting him an ipad copy. :)
Three Wise Queens
James Allen 
      Years ago, my daughter asked if the three wise kings had wives, and that inspired me to write 3 Wise Queens. I have always loved the story of the Wise Men, and I thought a story of wise queens would be one that girls might especially enjoy.

         3 Wise Queens is a storybook app that tells the story of Hekima, Sophia and Mingzhi who—guided by prophecy and a star—embark on a journey across three continents to find a baby who will change the world forever. Children will enjoy the numerous interactive elements, including floating cherry blossoms, sailing ships and roaring lions. Narration is activated by touching the angel icon at the bottom of each page.
       3 Wise Queens expands on the beloved Christmas story in which Wise Men bring gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to Jesus at his birth. In this reverent and yet playful retelling of the story, we come to understand that the choice of those gifts is based largely on the advice of their wives—the Wise Queens. When the men select offerings fit for an earthly king, the Wise Queens guide them toward gifts that are more suitable for the Heavenly King they are expecting.
       3 Wise Queens is more than a joyous retelling of the epiphany story. With interactivity on every page, the app is packed with touch and tilt-activated movement and sound. Children will enjoy finding hidden birds and panda bears in Mingzhi’s garden, playing with Sophia’s gift of frankincense, and watching with Hekima as a singing choir of angels rises into the night sky. Lush illustrations and original musical arrangements celebrate the cultures of Africa, Europe and Asia.
Enter to win one of 30 prizes! The author is giving away 15 free downloads of the ipad book app and 15 free ebook copies.
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App Store link for ipad ap:

Author James Allen is a lifelong member of the United Methodist Church, has worked in educational children's media for 15 years and holds a Master’s Degree in Communication. Allen’s love of art history guided the artwork for this app, brought alive by illustrator AndrĂ¡s Barlogh. Parents will be thrilled by the quality of the music by Michael Dauterman, a professional choir director with a Master’s Degree in Sacred Music. Mary Toney rounds out this skillful team with her warm narration.

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  1. Wow, this looks so neat! I wouldn't even know how to access it or read it, but I bet my kids would. =) Beautiful imagery and colors!

  2. I remember hearing the Christmas story around 5 years old. I have always loved it. Beautiful art work in the book.

  3. Oooooo, I want this! Want to do it with my kids! Really neat. Thanks.

  4. gorgeous creativity all round!
    TY for the giveaway opps - excited for you both in creating this !

  5. forgot the important answer - remembering a particular bedtime storybook mom would read that introduced Christmas in book form, definitely remember sunday school presentations with pleasure as well ...