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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Why Are Romance Heroines So . . . Undiscriminating?

What would happen if you sent a bodice-ripper style heroine to a mental health counselor? In my last two posts, I gave you a preview to my short story, The Girl in a Romance Novel. Here's part 3.

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Disclaimer: The counselor featured in this short story may not be certified by the ACA. ;)

Dear Counselor,

            On a happy note, no one’s dead yet. I understand why you chose option C, but I was initially dumbfounded by your other advice. While Hero’s obviously in shape, (going around accosting
innocent travelers will do that to a man), I don’t make a habit of ogling complete strangers. Add to that his assault on me, his sweaty arm is still wrapped around my waist, and I find him quite odious.
           Yes, he did kiss me once already. He said something to his men about the kiss declaring his
ownership and a wedding ceremony to follow. I don’t know what you mean about the kiss being
exceedingly passionate and making desire race through my veins. The rugged stubble on his cheek that you referred to, scratched me. I doubt he brushed his teeth this morning. And besides that, he kissed me against my will in front of fifty enemy warriors. Heeding your advice to be tactful until my men are released, I overcame my instinct to knee him in the pertinent parts.
          Hero also mentioned my betrothed and that the man is a brutal villain. Guess it takes one to know one. Hero seemed to think revealing those facts would make me welcome his assault as a rescue.
       Excuse him, a rescue would be taking me to Oxford’s Herbalist Academy.

~The Girl in a Romance Novel

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Read part 1 of The Girl in a Romance Novel here.
Read part 2 here.