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Friday, October 24, 2014

I'm Pro-Life, but I'm Against Personhood Amendments

Proposition #67 on Coloradans ballot this November asks to define “unborn children” as “persons.” This bill was popularized because of Brady, an unborn child killed when a drunk driver struck his mom.

But proposition #67 has much further reaching effects than punishing drunk drivers. Under proposition #67, a woman who uses birth control like the IUD, which some people think could sometimes stop implantation, is a murderer. Infertile couples who pursue in-vitro fertilization, a process that often discards some fertilized eggs, would also become murderers.

I’m pro-life and I do believe unborn babies are people. But protecting unborn babies isn’t always simple.

Two years ago my son was born and went straight to NICU for a brain infection that should have killed him.

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