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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I Want 5000 Christmas Presents This Year . . . sort of

At my MOPs group this week, I learned that Harvard MBA grads who have written goals make millions and millions more dollars than those who don't have goals.

Now I don't need millions of dollars, but ever since I was 13 I've wanted to become a published author. And in this tight economy, publishers have to be more and more picky about who they sign on. So they only offer book contracts to authors that not only write stupendously, but also have huge existing fan bases.

I'm tired of getting rejections from publishers who love my writing, but say my fan base just isn't big enough. So my 2014 goal is to get 5,000 likes on my Facebook author page and 5,000 followers on my Twitter account by Christmas. So yes, I want 5,000 Christmas presents this year. :) Best Christmas ever!

Can  I do it? Not without YOUR help.

I started a GoFundMe account, not for monetary donations, but for Facebook likes and Twitter followers.

"But I thought GoFundMe campaigns were supposed to be for money?" you say.

I know, but hey I was homeschooled. Never did quite figure out those elusive social norms. ;)

Would you like to see my books in print? Will you help me reach my dream of becoming a published author by . . .

liking my author page on Facebook?:
following me on Twitter?:
sharing my unconventional GoFundMe campaign with your friends?:

Check back for updates on how my campaign is going. Currently I have
Facebook Followers: 727
Twitter Followers: 2351


  1. What type of books do you write. Love this idea by the way.

  2. Hi Corine! Thanks for stopping by. :) I write fiction (clean historical romance) and women's non-fiction. My latest non-fiction is a book about world religions where I visit our local mosque, Hindu temple etc. and even wear a hijab (muslim headcovering) for a week.

  3. Do you have any tips for building author platform? BTW just watched your video. I used to live in MD, Gaithersburg area.