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Friday, October 3, 2014

7 Reasons Why Police Daddies Are the "Best-est"

          My daddy's a police officer. The other day he came home in his big car. This is me with my daddy. I'm the one wearing the Thomas shirt.
          I like having a police daddy and this is why.

1. Police daddies have cars that go "whoo-whoo." I climbed into Daddy's car and I saw the lights flash and I pulled-ed the sirens. I love sirens almost as much as train whistles.

2. Police daddies have big, big guns. I am very brave, but sometimes I get scared of monsters. There is a big one under my crib called "The Grabber." 'Cause my daddy is a police daddy, he can shoot the "Grabber" and then I be safe.

3. Police daddies have badges. My daddy's badge is shiny. I like it and I think it would taste good to chew. But Daddy doesn't let me chew it. Sometimes he is a "bad daddy" like that.

4. Police daddies drive around all day past so many playgrounds. When my daddy gets home he takes me to the playground and we swing, and climb, and go down slides. My daddy knows about lots and lots of playgrounds.

5. Police daddies are strong. My daddy is so strong he can lift me over his head and hold me upside down. I scream very loud.

6. Police daddies have big voices to yell at big bad guys. My daddy taught me how to roar. I can roar so loud it scares my mommy. Daddy said I shouldn't scare Mommy, but I like to do it.

7. Police daddies are good at snuggling. You might not know this because they go around and yell at people and put them in handcuffs. But my daddy is a very good snuggler. We always read books in my rocking chair before bed and he snuggles me.

What's your daddy like?



  1. That's really cute! I found your blog via the Arvada Police Dept. FB page. Fun to find you on blogspot!

  2. Thanks so much for checking out my blog, Chandra! I hope you come back! :)