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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Read & Relax: Weekend Edition

      A fellow Hartline author, Linda Rondeau, has two books on sale for $0.99 this weekend on A Father's Prayer and It Really Is A Wonderful LifeA Father's Prayer (aka A Christmas Prayer) was a 2014 finalist for Selah Awards and is also a finalist for Carol Awards this year.
       Linda Rondeau is a veteran social worker and incorporates psycho-social issues in all her books. As a mental health counselor myself, I'm intrigued. :)

          Country singer Ethan Jacobs learns he has a twelve-year old, autistic son given up for adoption at birth. He wants to be a father to this child. Since her parents' death, Alexis Jennings struggles to care for her autistic, adopted brother. Due to his acting out behaviors, Social Services wants to place Gib in a residential treatment center. Alexis only wants what's best for her brother. Different Christmas prayers for the same child. How will God answer? 
        Three conflicting prayers. How will God answer? 

        You can go home again but it will never be the same

Midville newcomer and war widow, Dorie Fitzgerald, despises the frigid Adirondack wasteland that has now become her home. After twenty failed job interviews, she questions the wisdom of moving to be near her parents. Desperate to belong, she joins the local Community Theater, in production for It’s a Wonderful Life.
Jamey Sullivan has put his professional life on hold in order to run the family business and to help his ailing father. He signs on for Midville’s production of It’s a Wonderful Life, although he hopes to receive a Broadway casting call any day now.
When these two meet, they are instantly attracted to one another. However, ambition, demanding children, and a romantic rival threaten to squash their growing love for one another.
It Really is a Wonderful Life is set in the beautiful Adirondack mountains, a perfect backdrop for romantic conflict.


  1. Thanks for hosting my books on your blog. These two are my favorite books.