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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Read & Relax: Weekend Edition

      I apologize for not posting last weekend. I was so busy with a writing deadline, I didn't get around to it.

     I know, I know, after being reduced to staring at the wall all weekend for the lack of my reading suggestions, you're not quick to forgive me. ;)

      But to show my contrition, I'm posting not just one, but two wonderful books from fellow authors at my agency. After all, holiday weekends are for reading. :)


     Autumn Hazard loves being a midwife. But a tragic loss has her doubting the path she's chosen. And her new boss isn't helping. She's worked with Dr. Jonathan Hanlon before, and he's just as handsome and seemingly perfect as ever. His presence could mean trouble for the clinic—and her sensible heart.
     Jon remembers Autumn, too. She's still beautiful, smart and oblivious to him. Maybe that's for the best—he's leaving the small town as soon as his training's done. Besides, he has secrets of his own, and he can't risk Autumn getting close enough to uncover them.
     Yet despite all their reservations, working beside each other doesn't feel like work at all…it feels like home.
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