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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Everyone's Pro-Life

Everyone’s pro-life. That is, everyone supports some people living. Many pro-abortion activists care deeply about saving the lives of domestic violence victims. Even Hitler, evil personified to 21st century Americans, was pro Aryans living long, healthy lives.
What should distinguish pro-lifers is that we care about all lives, not just some.
But that’s a difficult task. Pro-lifers sometimes believe if a pregnant mother would only say “no” to abortion, the battle for life would be won. Sometimes, this is the case. But for many unborn children, escaping abortion is only the first step. When I was pursuing my Master’s in Counseling, I interned in a juvenile jail. A large percentage of incarcerated teenage girls are pregnant, have a child, or have aborted. As I spent hours counseling the girls, they opened up about their lives and their kids.
Most of the girls came to jail addicted to drugs or alcohol. Few were on track to graduate high school. And when they talked about how they earned money, many mentioned prostitution. Yet, as they talked about their children, there was love in their voices. Even the ones who had aborted talked fondly of feeling their unborn child kick or dreaming of holding him.
But most of these girls weren’t going to properly raise a child. The children who hadn’t been aborted were . . .
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