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Sunday, June 15, 2014

The best and worst things about having a Dada

          A year ago this weekend Dada got home from being a soldier. Before that, I thought Dadas were flat and lived in Ipad screens.

         It’s been interesting having a Dada. So I writes about it. Here are my ‘flections (reflections) on the good, the bad, the wugly (ugly) of having a Dada.*

Good: Dada’s are very good at “playing trains.” And my Dada holds me upside down and throws me in the air and wrestles me. Dadas are good at going down slides and playing on playgrounds too.

Bad: Dada makes me eat dinner, and chew, and chew, and chew. I used to spit all my food out and then cry until Mama gives me hotdogs and applesauce and even sometimes cookies. But now I haves to eat my din-din (dinner) every day.

Ugly: Dada kisses Mama!! It’s not fair. I’m the only one that should get kisses. And no matter how loud I scream, Dada STILL kisses Mama. I didn’t have to deal with this when Dada was a soldier. L

*If your Dada is gone to be a soldier or something else, I mam (I am) sorry. You should eat more cookies and give your mama lots of kisses because she’s all yours.

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY, DADA! I’m glad you're home. I gots you a card that sings the lion song and bought you SO many cookies.


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