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Monday, June 2, 2014

If I Was In A Sudanese Jail, Would You Let Me Rot Too, Mr. President?

Meriam Ibrahim is the same age as me, twenty-seven. She too has a graduate degree, though as a doctor hers is more impressive than mine. And like me, she is a married Christian mom of a toddler boy. But there the similarities stop. Meriam Ibrahim is condemned to die in a Sudanese prison. The reason?—because she’s a Christian. The Sudanese government is also going to whip her 100 times for marrying a Christian man.
This is the 21st century and whipping and hanging Meriam Ibrahim is not ok. And yet where is the U.S. Government outcry? Where is John Kerry, head of the U.S. State Department, and President Obama’s outraged threat of sanctions if Sudan persists in this brutality? Meriam’s husband is an American citizen. The couples’ two children, a twenty month old boy and newborn girl, are also American citizens.

Yet when Meriam’s husband, Mr. Wani, went to the American Embassy for help they said . . .

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