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Monday, June 9, 2014

A Bowl of Sherbet

Guest blogged about a random act of kindness on a fellow Hartline Literary Agency author's blog--Christina Rich. Christina's debut novel the Guardian's Promise just came out a few months ago.

Two thousand twelve was a rough year for me. Not that 2011 was exactly easy. I spent most of that year throwing up. No, for some lucky few, morning sickness is not restricted to just mornings or just the first trimester. And then there was the cross-country move and my husband’s transition from full time military to once-a-week National Guard and the subsequent lack of income and bedbug-infested apartment. After all that, 2012 had to be more peaceful than 2011, right? Surprise.
Two thousand twelve opened with the birth of our adorable baby boy—who wasn’t breathing. He was rushed to NICU only for the doctors to discover . . .

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