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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rocks Get Thirsty Too!

    So I haven't been reading Mama's writing much recently. She says Christian "Fertility Cults", Joseph Smith's Polygamy, and Muhammed's Hadiths are not "age appropriate." Whatever that means. But I've been playing in the dirt a lot and that's even more fun than reading.
     I help Mama water the garden EVERY day. And then my aminimals (dolphin, giraffe, zebra etc.) take mud baths in the garden. Sometimes I take mud baths too. I will try to get Mama to take a picture of me.
    But just yesterday I realized something very sad. Our garden gets lots and lots of water. And our grass gets lot and lots of water. But our rocks never get any water at all. :(
      Rocks get thirsty too! This is me watering the rocks.


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