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Friday, May 30, 2014

Read & Relax Weekend Edition

I have a wonderful lit agent, Linda S. Glaz, who is part of an excellent literary agency, Hartline Literary Agency. And she and they have a lot of awesome clients who are writing and publishing great books. In this once weekly Read & Relax edition I will be featuring various of their books.

(Vol. 1 in THE LOVES OF SNYDER COUNTY Amish/Mennonite fiction series)

John Friesen is a bachelor at the age of twenty-three and is having the time of his life. One of the most handsome eligible young men in the Mennonite community, John has never been in a hurry to choose a wife and settle down. He’s not a bit worried about being “passed over.” He enjoys the simple life of helping his dad with the family farm and breeding registered Tennessee Walking horses on the side.

Every unmarried gal in the Mennonite community has her eyes on John, not only because of his stunning looks but his godly, quiet demeanor and kind, gentle ways. Whenever the gals are together, John’s the talk of the quilting circles and Sunday fellowships after church. Three girls, in particular, care deeply for John and secretly determine to win his heart in their own special way. Only a serious accident—a fall from his horse—leads John to the one girl who will love him unconditionally. But which one does he choose?
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