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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hobby Lobby and the Fertility Cult in Christianity

Hobby Lobby versus Obamacare contraception, who hasn’t heard of that case? The Christian company is now arguing in front of the Supreme Court that the insurance they offer employees shouldn’t have to cover birth control.
Christians versus contraception, why does that issue keep coming up? Ten minutes watching 19 Duggars & Counting reveals how passionately some Christian families oppose birth control. Catholics teach that all forms of contraception are evil, even contraception meant to prevent the spread of STDs. For example, though the Catholic church is the biggest provider of medication to AIDs sufferers in Africa, they refuse to distribute condoms that could slow the spread of AIDs from husbands to wives and prevent children from becoming orphaned.
Even those Christians that don’t go to the extreme of throwing all the pills and condoms down the garbage disposal, often push themselves to have five or six kids. There even used to be a saying in evangelical Christian circles: “Two kids is worldly. Three kids is Christian.” Why are more children more godly?
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A little on the coarse side, but this Monty Python video exhibits the "Fertility Cult" in a laugh-out-loud way.

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