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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Doug Phillips' Sex Scandal and the Heresy of Christian Patriarchy

Patriarchy, sounds like a word from the middle ages where feudal lords ruled supreme on their estates, doesn’t it? It’s not. Christian Patriarchy is a small, but vocal, minority among Christian fundamentalists.
And just this week, the movement made headlines in Christian circles. The culprit?—Doug Phillips, former leader of Vision Forum whose affair shook the Christian Patriarchy world last year. Now, his family’s nanny is suing him for sexual molestation.
Other famous adherents of Christian Patriarchy are the Duggar family from the TLC show 19 & CountingMichael and Debi Pearl, whose child-rearing book, To Train Up a Child, has been in the news for several years now as the catalyst behind severe physical abuse, are proponents of Christian patriarchy. There’s even a ring of 20-something bloggers who write about the ills of growing up in Christian patriarchy.
Christian Patriarchy, apart from garnering Christians a lot of bad press, is blatantly anti-Biblical. How do I know? I grew up as a homeschooler in Christian Patriarchy.

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