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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Last week I was a "sicky"

I’m sorry I’ve been away a whole week. I took a picture for my blogpost, but then I gets sick. I throws up and throws up and throws up and it was “very scary.”

 But I feels better now.

 Last week it snowed and snowed here in Colorado. I went outside and plays. But then I get very cold. This is me in the snow.
Tomorrow I am going to show my new choo-choo, Percy, the snow.

Percy’s never seen snow. I think he’s scared of snow. But I will teach him how to be brave. I am very brave. Today I eats spinach. And Dada made me swallow it! I almost died. Spinach is ghastly.

 If I turn green tomorrow and explodes, please remember to tell my Dada, “I told him so!”

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