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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cal's Neigh-Neigh & Mama's worries

Yesterday Mama found out that two of my friends have whooping cough. She was not happy. She says that back in the 1890s many babies caught whooping cough and weren’t strong enough to get better. I told Mama that I am very big and strong. I do not think she believes me.
                Talking about babies, there are no babies in Mama’s story, which is sad. But there are many “Neigh-Neighs” (horses) and “Neigh-Neighs” are even better than babies. Cal has a “Neigh-Neigh” that is sorrel colored. I do not know what color sorrel is. Mama says sorrel means red colored, but Mama is not always right. I mean, Mama says not to climb on the table or I will fall, but I haven’t fallen yet and it is very fun sitting on the table. Maybe next time I will post a picture.


PS I forgotted to tell you about how I give Mama inspiration. And now Mama’s making me go to bed. And she says it’s too late for me to even watch my choo-choo movie or read my moose book.  And when I tried to sneak her laptop under my covers, she confiscated it! I will have to write more next week.